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Safety Cool Offers Industrial Portable Evaporative Coolers

Safety Cool has been in the cooling business for over a decade, helping our customers find the best solution for their need to beat the heat in commercial, mining, industrial sectors and more. Whether you need an industrial cooling fan to keep your workers productive and happy, or to ensure your customer’s comfort and staying longer to continue having a good time, we have the cooling solution for you.

Benefits of an Industrial Evaporative Air Cooler from Safety Cool

Both energy prices and temperatures are skyrocketing, and cooling systems are more critical than ever. Evaporative cooling, which is also known as adiabatic cooling, uses water to cool hot air through evaporation. This method draws the moisture from the hot air, cools it and then pushes that cooled air back into the environment offering several benefits compared to other industrial cooling methods, including:

  • In hot, dry environments such as those familiar to Australia, an evaporative cooling system can come with a lot of cost savings compared to traditional cooling systems such as air conditioning. The exact amount of saving will differ and depends on the size of your area and other variables. Our experienced team will help find the best solution for your space.
  • The installation of traditional cooling systems can be prohibitively expensive. However, this extraordinary expense is not the case with one of our portable evaporative coolers. With our technical understanding, we can set it up quickly and get your site cooler faster for the benefit of your workers and customers.
  • Traditional air conditioners recirculate the same air drying it and often giving it a stale quality. This dry air can aggravate asthma and allergies while an evaporative cooler pumps in clean and filtered fresh air to cool the space. They are also quieter than traditional units and produce less carbon dioxide.

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Industrial Evaporative Coolers in Australia

There are several options available that can be used to cool an area and with these options come many possible mistakes. With our experience, we can help our clients sort through all their options to find the best that suits their needs. Here are a few of the most common mistakes to avoid:

  • The most fundamental mistake to make is not to consider cooling at all. This error is most common in organisations putting on a temporary event in a tent or other temporary site. Your worker’s productivity can suffer greatly when they are overheated, and in the hottest of areas, this can become a danger.
  • Fans are one of the most common items people use to keep cool, but how much cooling can you expect? In truth, not much. Fans move the air around your site. If the air temperature there is 40° C, the fan will only be moving 40° C air. The cooling that these fans bring is generally through the evaporation of sweat on your skin, which might give you a reduction in 2-4° at most.
  • On the other side of the coin, it is easy for someone to go overboard with their cooling solution. We have evaporative cooling units that have a variety of power levels. It is straightforward to get more cooling power than you need, even on the hottest days. Our team will find the right system for you, not try to oversell you.

Why Our Industrial Evaporative Cooling Systems are Cost-Effective

We make it our goal to offer the best cooling options for our clients and when it comes to an industrial portable evaporative cooler, the colder you want to keep your site the more expensive it will be. We call this the ‘Price of Comfort.’ With our experience and knowledge of the industry and the technical aspects of the products we offer, we can help you find the best fit within your needs and budget so that your price of comfort is not too high. Contact us today if you are ready to ditch the fan and bring in some industrial cooling.

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