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Portacool Australia

Those who need the most powerful equipment to maintain safe temperatures regularly turn to the Portacool brand for cost-effective solutions. These coolers deliver high-quality results in extreme conditions, meet the highest standards of quality, and are an easy-to-use addition to your working environment. Continue reading to learn how Portacool gives Australia the ideal solution for portable climate control.

Problems That Portacool Distributors Address

Our equipment is ideal for companies in several industries. Businesses in these fields need practical solutions for extreme temperature conditions or to ensure guest comfort:

  • Industrial – If you have a large production facility with heavy machinery, these machines tend to raise the temperature significantly. Any staff that you have on the production floor are likely to experience heat fatigue and stress, which reduces productivity, morale, and overall health. Some industries also work with sensitive materials that require a cooler temperature range, so a facility that heats up too much can negatively impact your product.
  • Mining – This field also experiences a lack of ventilation combined with heavy machinery. The result is a dramatically uncomfortable working environment that can become unbearable for employees who must work in the mine for extended periods.
  • Commercial – Your customers expect that your restaurant or store is a comfortable place to conduct business. If your guests are uncomfortable, they will not want to return, especially in a service business where your clients must remain for the length of a meal or cosmetic treatment.

In any similar circumstance, Portacool Jetstream coolers are instrumental in reducing discomfort and improving working conditions.

What You Can Expect from Safety Cool Regarding a Portacool Evaporative Cooler

As a business, we understand that consistency is an essential quality for any product on which you rely. Therefore, we commit to providing reliable results and products while upholding several expectations:

  • Every Portacool fan that we sell is made in America with high-quality materials and design. We trust this brand due to its time-proven reliability in every industrial setting.
  • As a company that focuses on Portacool machines, we can provide service that extends both before and after the sale. Our team can assess your workspace to determine the ideal cooler to get the job done. After installation, we offer ongoing support to conduct repairs or supply the spare parts you need.
  • No matter who you speak to at Safety Cool, you’ll always get honest and helpful answers to your questions. Our staff is knowledgeable about Portacool fans and is happy to clarify any details you need to know.

Key Questions to Ask Safety Cool about a Portacool Portable Air Conditioner

Whether you’ve used portable coolers in the past or this is the first time that you’re considering this solution, there are several questions that you should ask:

  • How does evaporative cooling work?
    Evaporative cooling is an efficient way to cool a space. It takes advantage of the lack of humidity in Australia’s dry climate to remove heat from the air using water. The machine then cycles the cooled air into the working environment and draws in more hot air to continue the cooling process.
  • How do I know whether I need a portable air conditioner or if a fan would suit my needs?
    In many circumstances, this will depend on the type of climate control you already have in place. If you don’t have any, then you will almost certainly need an air conditioner. If you have a system that cools the air but doesn’t circulate it well enough, a fan may suffice.
  • Which Portacool system should I choose?
    The answer varies depending on the type of work you do and the space you need to cool. Our technicians can visit your business to review the circumstances you’re working with and provide a recommendation specifically tailored to your needs.

About the Team at Safety Cool

We’ve been helping Australian businesses find effective cooling solutions for over ten years. We rely on Portacool to get the job done and continue working for years. Our technicians are well-trained and continually study new Portacool designs to understand and explain the latest developments in portable cooling technology. Contact us today to speak with someone and review how we can best incorporate a Portacool evaporative cooler into your business.


For more information or assistance in selecting the right unit for your cooling needs, contact us here.

Use This Portacool Product Guide to Select the Right Evaporative Cooler

More and more businesses in Australia are relying on a Portacool product to handle their climate control needs. As these businesses become increasingly aware of the benefits that Portacool air conditioners bring, the choice is clear. Regardless of your particular industry, these innovative machines can make a significant difference for your employees and customers.

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding a Portacool Jetstream 270

When business owners first hear about portable coolers such as the Portacool Jetstream 260, they may not know what to think of them. The initial lack of information leads to some common misconceptions that are easy to dispel:

  • You can use a portable air conditioner in many locations that it would be cost-prohibitive or logistically impossible to install a central unit. This flexibility is particularly useful for industrial and mining concerns, where the temperature may spike in confined locations or specific spots in the production line.
  • Despite their size, cooling units such as the Portacool Jetstream 250 are surprisingly quiet. You can make your office, restaurant, or production space more comfortable without creating an annoying noise source.
  • These units are also energy efficient compared to similar units and central air systems. Portacool takes advantage of the latest technological developments to keep your energy costs and carbon footprint as low as possible while still delivering exceptional temperature control.

Our team is standing by to help you resolve any questions that you have about these units. If you have doubts or concerns, our team has all the information necessary to address anything you’d like to know.

The Importance of a Portacool 250

Portacool systems are exceptional devices that solve many needs. For businesses, these units provide flexible benefits in several ways:

  • Their portability makes them ideal for companies that don’t remain in a single location or are likely to transition to new facilities periodically. If your business rents space from a larger building or complex, then you may not want to invest in new permanent infrastructure that you won’t be able to bring with you.
  • Portacool air conditioners are available at various power levels. Whether you need to cool a small area or an entire warehouse, we can work with you to find the ideal unit or units to suit your needs. We carry all portable cooler sizes, ranging from the Portacool 230 to the 270, and can combine them as needed.
  • Even if your current cooling solutions are powerful enough to address your needs, many production facilities and cramped spaces lack the ventilation to deliver that cool air where it needs to go. Portacool fans can supplement your existing systems to get your cooled air where it’s most helpful.

What You Can Expect from Safety Cool Regarding the Portacool Jetstream 240

We believe that our clients should always receive premier service. Any time we help you with your temperature control needs, you can expect the following from our dedicated team:

  • Relevant advice to design a solution that genuinely addresses your needs without overselling an unnecessarily powerful product. We’re most interested in furnishing you with a system that will satisfy your needs and inspire you to become a customer for life.
  • Exceptional courtesy and respect for you and your business. Our team is trained to provide helpful information in response to any request, and our team members do their best to answer any question you have. If they don’t know the answer immediately, they’ll find it for you and report back promptly.
  • Knowledgeable service to ensure that your system remains functioning for years to come. If you ever encounter difficulties operating your Portacool systems, our technicians can help you restore them to peak operating condition.

Why Safety Cool Is Cost-Effective

Safety Cool offers the perfect blend of knowledge, quality products, and working experience. With a decade of success when working with Australian businesses just like your own, we’ve established a track record for customising solutions that suit our clients’ needs. No matter how large or small your air control need is, we can help you find the ideal Portacool system that will keep your employees and customers happy. Contact us today to learn more about our Portacool systems and how they can work for your business.

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