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Here at Safety Cool we stock all parts and accessories for the Portacool range of units. Whether you have a Classic Series unit or a new model Jetstream Series unit, we have the parts to help keep your Portacool unit up and running!!

We currently have spare parts for the following Portacool units

Portacool Cyclone Series

Cyclone 3000 version 1 (no adjustable louvers), Cyclone 2000, Cyclone 3000 version 2

Portacool Classic Series 

16″ HPVS , 16″ Vertical tank, 24″ HPVS, 24″HPVS, 36″HPVS, 48″SS

Portacool Classic Jetstream Series

JS1600, JS2400, VT1600. JS2400

Portacool Hurricane 

Hurricane 3600

Portacool Jetstream Series (New current model)

Jetstream 230, Jetstream 240, Jetstream 250, Jetstream 260, Jetstream 270 


Why Trust Safety Cool Regarding Air Cooling?

There are several reasons why Australian businesses rely on Portacool’s high-quality production and durability:

  • Few other systems can compete with the American-made construction that goes into each Portacool fan and evaporative cooler. These systems are sturdy enough to withstand the Australian climate and deliver excellent cooling for your workspace.
  • You can always find the replacement parts you need, whether you’re looking for a Portacool motor, replacement pump, filter, or any other part. We have parts for Portacool evaporative coolers, fans, and water treatment. Find the parts you need for the Cyclone series, Classic series, Classic Jetstream series, Hurricane, or New Jetstream Series.
  • These systems are known to be highly effective wherever you install them. Depending on the unit and its capacity, you can cool entire buildings or keep the cooling effect to a small area.

If you already have a Portacool system and need a part such as a Portacool water pump, then continue reading to see why you should trust us to be your source for Portacool.

What Sets Safety Cool Apart Regarding Portacool Replacement Parts

We’re not just another HVAC company that promises exceptional solutions but fails to deliver anything extraordinary. Instead, we stand out in several ways that improve our ability to serve you:

  • We’ve been working with Portacool products for ten years and know these systems inside and out. If you’re encountering any difficulties with your unit, we can diagnose the trouble and determine an effective solution. We’ll help you find the correct part to resolve the exact problem you’re facing.
  • Our team has helped nearly every kind of business develop effective cooling systems. These systems are always suited to our clients’ unique needs. Just as each workspace is different from any other, your solution should be unique, as well.
  • Our primary interest is helping you make productive choices regarding your cooling systems. If you aren’t sure whether you need to replace a broken part or install an entirely new system, we can address that based on your business’s needs. We don’t believe in price gouging, so we’ll always seek the best solution that balances quality with cost.

We’re confident that when you work with us, you’ll appreciate the professionalism and support that we maintain throughout every transaction, including before and after the sale.

Related Services We Provide to Portacool Parts

You’ll find that we have offer various services that may suit your business’s needs, such as:

  • Airbitat City Coolers, the latest in portable evaporative cooler technology. These coolers were just recently developed and released to the Australian market. They are ideal for urban environments where companies do not own a large amount of land and must think vertically when it comes time to use an air conditioner. These coolers are also efficient in humid environments.
  • Our technicians will work with you to figure out the source of problems before they arise. Given that hard water, heavy metals, scale build up, and even bacterial growth are all possible outcomes, it’s essential to keep your system clean and well-maintained.
  • We sell new Portacool units. If your old system has stopped and you can’t tell precisely what has gone wrong, then speak with our team. It may make more economic sense to install a new system rather than patch up an old system that will likely need additional repairs in the future.


We have been selling Portacool’s in Australia since 2006, and have been the sole distributor of Portacool spare parts. , If your chasing an new pump , KUUL pad media or in need of a new fan motor , we have most models and items currently in stock. note some parts for the older models are no longer available though may be compatible with current model parts. Speak to one of our team if you are not sure!


We are updating our website currently and will have our up to date spares online soon.

 In the mean time, shoot us an email or give us a call , we will be happy to assist you in getting COOL again.

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