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airbitat CITY cooler

The World’s Coldest Portable Evaporative Cooler

Air Delivery:            1450l/s  /  5200m3/h

Cooling Capacity:  16kW

Amps:                       6.0

Speeds:                    Variable

Power Usage:         1.25kW

Water Reservoir:   Recirculating tank – hose connection required

Dimensions (cm):  197 H x 81 W x 94 D

Weight (dry/wet):  200kg/260kg

Airbitat Australia

Are you looking for an Airbitat cooler in Australia? If so, look no further than Safety Cool. We are proud to be an Australian distributor of Airbitat City Cooler systems and Airbitat Urban Cooler systems. Airbitat is quickly becoming one of the busiest names in air cooling technology on the entire planet. Developed as part of Innosparks, an engineering incubator in Singapore, Airbitat has grown into a business that distributes its products on six different continents, Australia among them.

Benefits of Airbitat

What makes the Airbitat smart cooler such an ideal option for commercial cooling purposes? Here are a few factors that set this technology apart from other air conditioning innovations or brands.

  • It only uses water: Most air conditioning systems use refrigerant gases or chemicals or rely on a compressor motor that uses much energy. Each Airbitat cooler uses only water to accomplish cooling. If you are looking for the most efficient and environmentally friendly air cooling system possible, you can’t beat this type of system.
  • It eliminates the sticky feeling that often comes with air cooled through evaporative means: Most evaporative coolers, while effective at cooling the air, also naturally send some of that water into the air. This process creates a ‘sticky’ feeling to the air, which is why many people prefer air conditioners that use refrigerant chemicals. Each Airbitat cooler is an indirect evaporative cooler, though, which cools water by sending it through multiple layers of evaporative media and then allows that cold water to cool air via a heat exchanger. By the time the cooled air emerges from the cooler, it is completely free of residual water.
  • It delivers colder air: The unique cooling process that happens within an Airbitat City Cooler or Urban Rooftop Cooler is so advanced and innovative that it can cool air more efficiently and more substantially than other types of air conditioning systems. For instance, a traditional evaporative unit or refrigerated AC system will usually only be able to drop the temperature by about 12 degrees. An indirect evaporative cooler from Airbitat can lower the temperature as much as 22 degrees. An Airbitat smart cooler will deliver an especially significant performance boost as an air cooler for high humidity.

Learn more about Airbitat’s revolutionary Reevac Deep Cooling Technology.


Simply explained the Airbitat system delivers colder air closer to feel of refrigerated air. The delivered air has a crispness to it like refrigerated air conditioning, even though it is water cooled. The Airbitat only increases the moisture content (g/kg) of the ambient air by around 5%. This makes the air feel much colder with-out that sticky feeling.

A traditional evaporative unit will only cool between 3 – 12° Temperature difference from ambient depending on temp and humidity.

The Airbitat can deliver temperature differences of 5 – 22°C depending on temp and humidity.

A refrigerated AC system is typically 10°-12°C but that is on recycled air with- in the space not 100% outside air like evaporative.


Airbitat units deliver the most economical cooling performance on the market. Due to its Reevac TM technology, Airbitat is able to deliver the coldest air from a water-cooled system. With no compressor motor or refrigerant, Airbitat is extremely efficient. Low running currents and efficient fan motors make it a leader in its class outperforming any evaporative in its class.


A traditional evaporative or direct evaporative unit has a one step cooling process. As water is evaporated through passing of hot air through the cooling media, it produces cooled air. Through this process there is an increase in moisture content, thus a higher humidity feeling in the delivered air

Reevac Deep Cooling Technology is an indirect evaporative cooling process. By using the 3 steps as shown above, Airbitat units can deliver greater cooling performance, closer to the feel of refrigerated cooling. The final air delivery has less moisture content than traditional evaporative cooling.

Airbitat can deliver optimal cooling performance even in high humidity climates.




Airflow 5200m3/h- 1450l/s
Cooling capacity* 16KW
Power supply 240/50
Current 6.0Amps
Power consumption 1.25kW
COP 12.8
Weight (Dry/Wet) 200/260 Kgs
Noise level 65 Db
Dimensions (L x W x H) 808 x 940 x 1965 mm
*Based on Outdoor ambient condition of 34°/50%RH


High efficiency cooling through Reevac TM technology

Smart Control – via Airbitat mobile Bluetooth APP. Once connected to Wi-Fi you can mange one or multiple units, fans speeds, timers, cooling modes. Web control and performance monitoring.

Smart mode – automatically monitors ambient conditions and controls fans for energy savings

Built tough, durable and robust to weather conditions

Easy to maintain-Hygienic – Engineered to resist bacteria growth and decay for hygienic operation and increased service life

What You Can Expect from Safety Cool Regarding An air cooler for high humidity

When it comes to purchasing an HVAC indirect cooling system from Airbitat, Safety Cool can help. In addition to being an authorised Australia distributor for these products, we also set ourselves apart as an authority in the commercial cooling space as a whole. Here are a few superlatives you can expect if you decide to work with our team.

  • Experience and knowledge: Our business has been operating for ten years, selling air conditioning systems nationwide from our warehouse location in WA. We are exceedingly knowledgeable when it comes to commercial air conditioning and can provide a wealth of technical information, industry knowledge and overall customer support.
  • Sharp product recommendations: We focus on serving clients for whom air conditioning is not just a point of comfort, but an asset vital for safety. The clients we have served over the years include mining operations, construction companies, defence forces, emergency response services and more. In these settings and others, heat stress or fatigue and overheated machinery are significant risks. We dedicate or efforts to providing cooling solutions that will keep clients and their employees safe, in these industries and others. As such, our first goal is not to sell you just any product. Instead, we want to work with you to make sure you are getting the right product to suit your needs. Based on what you tell us about your business, we can provide a tailored recommendation for the type of system that is best for you—be it an Airbitat Urban cooler or something else.
  • Ongoing support: In addition to selling high-quality systems, we also carry a stock of authentic spare parts for those systems. So, if your cooler goes down and you need a specific part to get it up and running once more, we can help you find the necessary component.

As a source for nationally and internationally proven cooling brands such as Airbitat, Safety Cool is an ideal partner for finding efficient and reliable cooling systems that can function at scale in scorching and humid environments.


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Why Safety Cool Is Cost-Effective

Ultimately, you can’t put a price on the safety and wellbeing of your workforce. Hot temperatures and high humidity levels can render any workspace dangerous. They can also be a massive drain on productivity and overall employee morale, and that’s before you even consider the possibility of an equipment breakdown due to overheating. Investing in a powerful air cooler for high-humidity and high-temperature conditions can save you a lot of money, lost productivity and overall risk. To learn more about Airbitat (or other brands of large-scale commercial cooling systems available in Australia), contact Safety Cool today.

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